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Turning 65

Is your 65th birthday fast approaching? If so, you need to consider doing two things… First, enroll in Medicare if you haven’t already and secondly sign up for a Medicare Plan so you can take advantage of your “Open Enrollment Period.”

During your Medicare “Open Enrollment Period,” you have the right to choose any Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan from any company you want. There are no medical questions and you can’t be turned down. But, once “Open Enrollment Period” ends, you may not qualify for the coverage that’s best for you. It’s important to make the right choices now. I also understand that all the different plan options and companies offering coverage can be confusing.

Which plan will work best for you? There are a couple of decisions that you need to make. “Do I want a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan? What about Prescription Drug Coverage?”  With the right help, choosing a Medicare plan that meets your needs can be easy.

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